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Roundup: The Hope of Heaven

We all need the light of hope in these dark times. As disciples of Jesus, we have a hope that never fails: be encouraged with this WEEKLY ROUND-UP on OUR HOPE OF HEAVEN!

Heaven is not just as a “happily ever after” ending that is disconnected from the trials and trauma of our lives today – it is the resolution, redemption, and reconciliation that we desperately need for everything that is wrong in the world today, everything that we are afraid of today, everything that is broken today, and everything that we hurt from today. Read more:

The forces of evil at work in the world today can seem overwhelming. When we are buffeted by temptation, pain, sin, cruelty, despair, and doubt, we need to remember the final battle – and the final Victor! Read more:

Spend some time reveling in our Christian hope – God will make his home with us for all eternity! Immanuel will live forever among us! The throne of God will be situated in New Jerusalem! Read more:

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