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Where Are You?

Adam and Eve hid from God. There are times that we do, too. Shame causes us to run away and hide our face. We may know what the Bible says about God's unconditional love and his gracious forgiveness, but the weight of our sin and the shame that it brings cause us to cower in the shadows.


But God comes to us. He calls to us. His question is simple, yet so profound: “Where are you?”


“Where are you?” What did you do that caused you such shame? There is freedom when you own the truth I already know. 


“Where are you?” What caused you to run from me? I am the only One who can wash away the guilt and release you from the shame.


“Where are you?” Who lied and told you this sin was too big and too bitter for me to forgive? I have already nailed this sin to the cross, child.




Reflect & Respond


What sins make you hide from God? What is it about those sins that causes you such shame?


What voices are you listening to when you are hiding from God with your sin rather than running to him for forgiveness?


How does it impact you to know that God seeks you out in love, even when you are hiding from him?


Consider Hebrews 4:12-16. What can you do to remind yourself to run to Jesus’ throne of grace when you sin?

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