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Prismatic Joy

For many years, I have pondered the nature of joy. What is it? How can I be joyful at all times - even when things are dark? How do I cultivate my life so that joy is a fruit that is always abundant?

I am beginning to understand that joy is multi-hued. There is the bright, golden joy of celebration. There is lavender joy for days of quietness and contentment. There is emerald joy for seasons of growth. There is indigo joy for when our day turns to night. 

The one constant in this rainbow of color is the Son. Jesus is, indeed, our one and only Source of prismatic joy. 

I welcome you to join me as I explore the many splendors of God's Word and God's Creation. Each meditation, each picture, and each video can help fill our lives with prismatic joy. 

Paula Marolewski

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