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Books by Paula Marolewski

Fire in My Mind
Personal Insights & Practical Help for Severe Anxiety

Anxiety is all too often a hidden cancer in our midst. Not the ordinary “Sure, I’m stressed, too” level of anxiety or worry or stress that everyone lives with – but the anxiety that destroys a person from the inside out, eating away at them, hollowing their lives, devastating their faith. Fire in My Mind is a unique and deeply moving study on severe anxiety, providing personal insights, practical advice, and profound scriptural meditations on eight key aspects of anxiety: racing thoughts, fear, shame, irrationality, doubt, anger, exhaustion, and loneliness.

Meditations of a Slave


Meditations of a Slave is the journal of a man redeemed by a Master who paid the ultimate price in order to re-claim his wayward slaves. Underlying Meditations of a Slave is the theme of obedience: obedience in daily living, obedience in despair, obedience in death. But through obedience, the narrator finds a freedom, joy, and sonship in his slavery that he never imagined in his wildest dreams.

Running the Race

A Look at the Life in Christ from the Book of Romans


  • Do you want practical advice on how to overcome sin?

  • Are you uncertain of how to share your faith?

  • Have you been frustrated or hurt by your fellow believers?

  • Do you wonder why God allows trials?


All these questions and more are answered in Running the Race. This 10-lesson course, perfect for both individual and group study, approaches the book of Romans from the standpoint of the life we live in Christ. Each lesson looks at a separate aspect of running this race that we're all in, taking us from the starting block to victory at the finish line!


"Little thoughts that grow big results."

Seedlings take just a minute or two to read – but you may ponder them for hours, if not days! This is a collection of nearly 100 seedlings that you can use in your daily quiet time to help you grow in faith, grace, holiness, and the knowledge of God. 

Between the Lines

Challenges and Insights from the Old Testament

Did you ever feel that there was more to a story in the Bible than met the eye? Through thought-provoking poems and life-changing questions, Between the Lines explores the truths, insights, and challenges nestled between consecutive verses of Scripture in the Old Testament. Meet Adam, Abraham, Samson, and others in 10 extraordinary lessons!

More Bible Studies! 

Good vs. Evil: The Discipline of Discernment

Is discernment of good vs. evil a feeling? An intuition? An inner sense? Or is it a skill that can be honed and developed? In this 4-lesson study, you will learn practical tools that you can put into use every day to sharpen your edge when it comes to the battle between good and evil. 

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