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Your Will Be Done

Your kingdom come.

Your will be done –

... as I speak with my family members

... as I interact with my co-workers

... as I chat with my neighbors

... as I spend time with my friends

Your will be done –

... in what I watch on TV

... in what I read for pleasure

... in what I listen to on the radio

... in what I look up on the Internet

Your will be done –

... as I encourage those who are in despair

... as I give to those who are in need

... as I comfort those who are grieving

... as I preach to those who are lost

Your will be done –

... in how I engage on social media

... in how I express my opinions

... in how I act on my beliefs

... in how I listen to other’s views

Your will be done –

... as I forgive those who hurt me

... as I bless those who curse me

... as I pray for those who persecute me

... as I love those who hate me

– on earth as it is in heaven.

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