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Why Pray Together?

Why pray together? After all, God is everywhere and hears all our prayers, so what’s the big deal about praying together?

First and foremost, praying together is modeled throughout Scripture. That is sufficient reason right there, but let me share why I personally make it a priority to pray with others. When my friends and I pray together:

-- We are better able to focus on God, not on our problems.

-- We build relationships of trust with one another.

-- We help one another strengthen our faith in the Lord.

-- We remind each other of truths from the Word of God.

-- We can be convicted of sin that we may not have been aware of or were ignoring.

-- We are reminded that we are not alone – we are part of the Body of Christ.

-- We know that we can count on each other to pray when we are in trouble.

So pray together. Pray as couples and families. Pray with friends. Pray in small groups. Pray as ministry teams. Pray as the church together. PRAY!

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