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We’ve Got It – Let’s Share It!

If you struggle with sharing the Good News, make it personal. Imagine someone you love who does not know the Lord being absent from the New Earth that you will walk on forever. Imagine them never knowing joy and love and laughter ever again. Imagine them confined forever in fiery torment, separated from God.

Now, imagine them instead walking beside you on the New Earth – talking, laughing, rejoicing in the Lord, experiencing the fullest of life – forever! A friendship that never ends, and that gets better year after year as the centuries and millenniums roll by.

Which do you want to be the reality? While the ultimate choice is up to them, you have a choice, too: to share the Good News of our incredible hope, or to keep silent. Let your hope chase away any fear or hesitation you may have. We have Good News! Let’s share it!

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