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We try – and try – and try

to slake the thirst

at the center

of our spirit.

We gulp soft drinks

loaded with sugar –

the sticky-sweet pleasures of life

that momentarily taste so good

but dehydrate us

leaving us more cotton-mouthed

than before.

Craving relief, we chug shots

of lie after lie

as we tell ourselves

we can do this

we can handle this

we are not wrong

in our desperate attempt

to numb the pain

of a parched soul.

Spiritually adrift,

we give in to the temptation

to drink deep

of the saline waters of sin

and in a vicious cycle

sin increases our craving

luring us to guzzle more

of that which is killing us.

And all the while

fresh water is at hand –

Living Water

to quench

our thirsty soul.

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