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Sleeping in Gethsemane

There was a betrayal that came

before Judas’ kiss.

The betrayal of three friends

sleeping instead of praying

in the night of Your distress.

You asked for their company –

three good friends who had been

by Your side

for three good years.

With strained face

and sweat mingling with tears

You told them,

“I am in anguish

I am being crushed

I am about to die.

Please, please ...

stay here

watch here

pray here

with Me

for Me.”

But they slept.

The spirit was willing.

The flesh was weak.

How much did that betrayal of trust

add to Your pain that night?

I have slept in Gethsemane.

Each time a good friend has asked me

tears shining in their eyes

in their hearts

to pray for them

and I have forgotten

been too busy

been too lazy

been too distracted

to pray.

My spirit was willing.

My flesh was weak.

Please forgive my betrayal of them

and of You.

For whatever I do to them

I do to You.

Jesus, I re-commit to You today

and to my friends

to watch

and pray.

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