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Seeking God - Together

If you and/or your church isn’t engaged in corporate prayer (and I mean good, solid blocks of time invested in praying together – not just a few minutes on Sunday morning), then consider what happened when the first followers of Jesus prayed together:

• They were filled with the Holy Spirit (Acts 2)

• They spoke the word of God with boldness in the face of persecution (Acts 4)

• Peter was freed from prison by an angel (Acts 12)

• Barnabas and Paul were commissioned for ministry (Acts 13)

• Paul and Silas saw the foundations of the prison shaken and the jailer’s household saved (Acts 16)

Isn’t this what we want as followers of Jesus? To be FILLED with the Holy Spirit ... to proclaim the gospel with BOLDNESS ... to experience FREEDOM from bondage ... to engage in MINISTRY that transforms lives ... to see hell SHAKEN and sinners SAVED.

If these words quicken a longing deep within you, then make the commitment today to seek the Lord’s face and favor – together!

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