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Quick - Slow - Slow

Not sure what to pray today? Here is a prayer based on James 1:19-22:

Lord, help me today to be quick to hear. I want to be alert to what people say, and to what they do not say. Remind me to give people my entire focus – 100% of my attention.

Help me to be slow to speak. I talk so much about myself. I’m always thinking about what to say next. I need to learn to be silent. To wait. To encourage others to share.

Help me to be slow to anger. I get irritated easily. Frustrated. I snap at people. And yes, sometimes I get downright furious. I know this kind of anger isn’t right, and it doesn’t further your kingdom at all.

I acknowledge, Lord, that I have filthiness and wickedness in my soul. Those are hard words to say. I prefer to call them mistakes and weaknesses, but let me name them for what they are: filthy sins and downright wickedness. I bow my knees before you and ask that your Word would convict me wherever and whenever I sin, and show me how to live in holiness. I confess my sins to you now, and commit myself to bringing forth fruits in keeping with repentance.

It’s so easy to deceive myself, Lord. I play the rationalization card and the justification game. I re-name sins to make them more acceptable to myself. I pretend that I am a victim when I am really the chief perpetrator.

No more. I want to follow you: to prove every day – to prove today – that your Word lives in my heart and directs my life.

Thank you for giving me your Spirit to empower me in all these things.


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