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Disillusion Me

Disillusion me, Lord.

I have so many illusions

about how things “should be.”

I believe life should be easy.

I believe I should be happy.

I believe people should be fair.

I believe miracles should be routine.

I believe dreams should come true.

And, yes, above all these,

I believe that You should act the way

I think You should act.

That is the greatest illusion of all.

I need to be disillusioned, Lord.

I need you to strip away these


and replace them with


But, to be honest,

I don’t want Truth.

I don’t want to know that there is

a time to uproot

a time to tear down

a time to weep

a time to mourn

a time to give up as lost

a time to die.

I don’t want to know that

all things work together

for good.

I just want all things to

be good.

But I need to know


I need to bathe in


I need to live in


Because You are


and it is


that I need.

So, disillusion me, Lord.

In You

the Faithful and True

I am free.

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