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Jesus, Why Did You Die for Me?

Jesus, why did you die for me?

Why did you choose the Cross

Not just for my “big sins“

But for my flagrant stupidity?

Why did you suffer a friend’s denial

And give your cheek to a traitor’s kiss

To forgive my casual shallowness

And disposable relationships?

Why did you permit the lash

To come down endlessly

To pay for my endless scrolling

Through videos and social media?

Why did you allow thorns

To pierce your brow

To acquit me for allowing nothing

To pierce my complacency?

Why did you refuse the wine

That would have dulled your senses

To cover my constant efforts

To dull my own?

Why did you accept the nails

That ravaged your hands and feet

To pardon my lack of compassion

For those ravaged by pain?

Why did you concede

To struggle for each agonizing breath

To absolve me from my continual

Quest for comfort?

Why did you welcome the spear

Thrust into your dead heart

To replace the hunk of stone

Residing in my own chest?

Truly, truly … this is Love.

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