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I am so tired of Satan

having things his own way

in the Church.

I am so tired of relationships

breaking and staying broken.

When we have a Mediator

who built a bridge

between God and man,

how is it that we

cannot build bridges

between each other?

I am so tired of isolation.

When we are called

to be a family

and we have a Father

whose love is limitless,

how can we accept

that we have brothers and sisters

crying for loneliness

in the night?

I am so tired of casual acceptance

of the world’s immorality.

When we are called to be

a city set on a hill

a light blazing in the darkness

a people whose holiness is

unquestionable and unconquerable,

how is it that the same sins

society condones

run rampant

among us?

I am so tired of passive silence.

When we have the good news

the greatest news

the world has ever heard,

how is it that we are not

bursting forth

unable to hold the story in:

the story of Jesus

that has become

with manifold grace

the story of ourselves?

To put it in a hard little nutshell,

I am so tired of our too-easy acceptance

of less than our best

that means we live in and live out

less than God’s best.

Wake up, Church!

Let us remember who we are:

a chosen race

a royal priesthood

a holy nation

a people for God’s own possession

that we might proclaim

the excellencies of him

who has called us out of darkness

into his marvelous light.

Repent, Church!

Let us lay aside the old self

corrupted, lustful, and deceived

and be renewed in our mind

putting on a new self

in the likeness of God:

righteous, holy, and true.

Stand firm, Church!

Let us put on the full armor of God

so that we will be able to stand firm

against the schemes of the devil.

For our struggle is not against

flesh and blood,

but against the rulers

against the powers

against the world forces

of this darkness

against the spiritual forces

of wickedness.

In God’s armor

and through his power

we can stand firm.


Enough with Satan

having his own way

in the Church.

Wake up!


Stand firm!

We are the Bride of Christ —

let us clothe ourselves

in righteous acts

bright and clean

lighting this dark world

fighting the good fight

keeping the faith

and readying ourselves

for the marriage supper

of the Lamb!

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