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Okay, I admit it - spiders and I don't get along too well. But they are part of God's creation, so I keep trying to appreciate them. Then an orb spider appeared in my garden one day.

Big. Really big.

Kind of gives me the shivers.

But then I discovered that, each night, she would spin a humongous web between my house and my canna lilies. Each web was stunningly beautiful. It would shimmer in the light, strung with dewdrops like diamonds.

The beauty of the web helped me to see the beauty of the eight-legged weaver who spun her magic under the summer stars.

She spent the days under the shelter of the gutter. I took care not to disturb her when I watered and deadheaded in the garden.

I named her Olivia.

I hope she'll be back in my garden this year.

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