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Answers vs. Wisdom

James 1:5 states clearly, “If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God …” It does not say, “If any of you needs an answer.”

When I pray for wisdom, I am asking God to help me think clearly. To see all the ramifications of my possible choices. To understand the situation. To discern good from evil. I am asking him to help me make a good and right decision.

In so doing, I grow in maturity. I develop my mind and my critical thinking skills. I learn to accept responsibility for my actions. I practice the discipline of listening for God’s voice. I strengthen my relationship with God as I walk with him hand-in-hand through my life.

It takes courage to pray for wisdom. It’s a longer, harder road than praying for answers … after all, it is so much easier to just say, “Tell me what to do!” But God longs for each one of us to grow into maturity in him. He doesn’t want puppets on strings – he wants sons and daughters of the kingdom.

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