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Training the Next Generation

Sometimes I wonder if we are failing to give the next generation – particularly our teens and young adults – all they need in order to accomplish God’s calling in their life. Here are some of the lessons I fear that we aren’t passing down:

  • How to recognize God’s purpose and calling.

  • How to hold even God-given dreams and aspirations and goals with an open hand, allowing those dreams and aspirations and goals to mature and change over time.

  • How to distinguish between their identity (who they are) and their gift or purpose or calling (what they do).

  • How to trust God entirely, even if he calls them to “give up their Isaac.”

  • How to persevere when God seems silent and everything in life comes crashing down around them.

  • How to endure rejection, scorn, and persecution.

  • How to sacrifice for a greater good.

  • How to get up one more time than you fall down.

If we want to raise a generation of men and women who will stand firm in their faith and accomplish great things for the kingdom of God, these lessons aren’t optional – they’re essential.

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