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Three Truths about Doubt

The pain of doubt is terrible, because it snatches away hope. With hope, we can do anything. Without it, we want to curl up and die.

It is tough not to doubt, especially when everything inside you seems to be shaken. Plus, you may have been on the receiving end of spiritual abuse by people who told you that if you only had more faith, you wouldn’t be feeling so bad or be doubting (a big lie!).

So here are three truths to hold on to when the storms of doubt cause you to be tossed about:

Doubts do not mean lack of faith. Imagine your faith as a solidly built ship. Your doubts are the waves crashing against the ship, tossing it here and there. But this is exactly what the ship has been built to withstand, so you are safe and secure. You may feel frightened – but you are safe. Why? Because the ship has been built by a carpenter named Jesus. He is the “Author and Perfecter” of your faith (Hebrews 12:2).

God can handle your questions. Don’t be ashamed to come to God with your doubts. He knows what you are thinking and feeling. Keep the lines of communication open with God by praying, reading the Word, and acting in obedience to him – he will see you through.

Don’t expect answers to your doubts delivered on a silver platter. I know – I have sought the Scriptures many times, hoping to find that one verse that would clear up all my doubts so that I would never question again. You won’t get it, so don’t expect it. What you will get, as you seek the Lord and study his Word, is wisdom and character. And that, ultimately, is far better than any single answer.

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