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The Negative Screams and the Good Whispers

I have found it interesting …

  • People are always willing to kvetch about their spouse, but sometimes have to be actually prodded to praise him or her.

  • People will tell you about the difficulties their children are causing – like wreaking havoc with their schedules or their budget – much more readily than they will talk about the cute, beautiful, or loving stories of what their kids have done.

  • People will complain about the problems in their churches way more often than they will broadcast the church’s ministries and the work God is accomplishing in people’s lives.

Surprised at that last one? Christians … complaining? Being negative? Unfortunately – yes. The fact is, I have observed every one of the above examples all too often in the Christian environment. And, unfortunately, I have been guilty of such negativity all too often myself, as well.

In this fallen world, the negative screams and the good whispers. It’s very, very easy to fall into that complaining, gossiping, pessimistic mode. My friends, we need to turn that around. We need to start promoting the good wherever we see it – in our spouses, in our kids, in our jobs, in our families, in our churches. We need to shout it out when we see God at work.

After all, if we gripe and complain all the time, why would anyone believe us when we say we’ve got “Good News” for them?

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