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Rejecting Fatalism

It is easy to fall into a sense of fatalism … “Whatever will be, will be.” As a believer, that philosophy has no place in our faith. If you have felt the subtle lure of fatalism, ponder the following:

  • Fatalism says, “You are trapped in a maze without a center.” God proclaims, “You are on a journey with a glorious conclusion.”

  • Fatalism says, “Whatever you do, it is irrelevant.” God affirms, “Everything you do is relevant. Everything you do matters. Everything you do affects the outcome of your life. That is the meaning of free will.”

  • Fatalism says, “Why pray? If there is a God, he’ll just do what he wants anyway.” God states, “Prayer moves my heart. Many times, I choose to act only if you choose to pray. I change the outcomes in life because of prayer.”

  • Fatalism says, “Who do you think you are? Do you think anyone cares?” God declares, “I know who you are! I love you – I have proven it, and I will prove it again.”

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