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Quit Fooling Yourself

We delight in deceiving ourselves when it comes to personal sin:

“I’m not doing anything really wrong.”

“It feels so good – how could there be anything bad about it?”

“This isn’t a sin.”

But if we looked at ourselves in the cold light of day, we would realize we were lying. We know when we’re doing wrong. We just want to keep on doing it, so we excuse it, justify it, or ignore it.

Then, we blame God when we start to reap the consequences of that sin. We blame God when our life takes a nosedive. We blame God when our prayers go unanswered. We blame God when we fall into doubt, depression, and despair.

Forget it. The truth is, if we harbor sin in our life – that is, if we knowingly and willfully continue acting in a manner displeasing to the Lord – then we are responsible for what follows. Not God. We are responsible. Me. You.

There’s only one remedy. We must get on our knees and get our heart clean, then stand on our feet and get our life clean.

It’s time we quit fooling ourselves.

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