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Pure Gold

In almost every culture, gold has been treasured. It has been used as money, formed into jewelry, and adorned buildings and furniture.

The key to gold’s value is its purity: that it be “unmixed with any other matter” as the dictionary definition puts it. Gold mixed with anything else will cause it to tarnish and rust. Gold mixed with any other metal will lower its value.

Likewise, our lives should be like gold: unmixed with anything that is not of God. Two sub-definitions of purity read, “Containing nothing that does not properly belong” and “Free from what weakens or pollutes.” So also in our lives, we shouldn’t have anything in us that does not properly belong, and we should be free of what weakens and pollutes us.

We want our lives to be like gold. So remember: any time you put something in your life that doesn’t belong, that is less than God, you are setting the stage for rust to set in and degrade the quality and value of your life. Instead, be as pure gold … and when you do, your life will show others the treasure of heaven.

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