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No Comparison

“Be an instrument of gold or of steel, of platinum or of iron – big or small, delicate or rough. They’re all useful. Each serves its own purpose. Who would dare say that the carpenter’s saw is any less useful than the surgeon’s scalpel? Your duty is to be an instrument.” - Jose Escriva

We live in a culture of comparisons. We compare our bodies to the models on magazine covers, we compare our lives to the excitement of a TV drama, we compare our houses to the mansion on the next block. And yes, in church we compare our gifts, our calling, and our service with names like James Dobson, Billy Graham, or Mother Theresa.

Such comparisons are deadly for many reasons, but let us focus here on just one. When we compare ourselves with others and then disparage ourselves and our gifts and calling as “not good enough,” we are less likely to put time, effort, and energy into those gifts and calling. It’s like the child on the playground who sits on the sidelines and pouts because he didn’t get picked to be team captain. Rather than play the position he is good at, he would rather do nothing at all.

If we act the same way, the advance of the kingdom of God grinds to a halt. It’s time to stop making useless comparisons – and start living the life God has called us to!

  • What are your spiritual gifts? Do you feel that God is calling you to a specific task or role? If so, what is it?

  • Have you been guilty of making inappropriate comparisons? If so, confess this to God, and ask him to give you a true perspective of yourself and others.

  • To help understand the impact you have in the world, make a list of everyone with whom you have regular contact – at home, in your neighborhood, at work, at church, etc. Then ask yourself: How am I currently ministering to each of these people? How could I minister to them in the future?

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1 Comment

What a beautiful reminder to live in our “perfect you”. Thank you Paula for those wonderful words of wisdom.

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