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Jumbled and Unreliable Emotions

When Satan is battering us down, we get depressed and worn out. That means our feelings are all jumbled and unreliable. I repeat: our feelings are unreliable. Again and again we forget that, and we think, “God seems so far away … God doesn’t care about me … I can’t get victory over this … I am a failure …” and we believe and act on those lies.

The Scripture is there to remind us of the TRUTH. God is near. He does care. He is love. You can have victory. You can live an abundant life in him.

In the battle against sin, we have to master our feelings and believe and act on the truth. And that is done through the Scripture. The Bible isn’t just words you say to pep yourself up – this is the voice of Almighty God, refuting the lies of the devil.

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