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In Us, Through Us, For Us

Discouragement is often caused by or linked to a feeling of personal helplessness. Phrases like, “I can’t … it won’t work … I’ll never make it…” come to mind. All those phrases focus on ourselves and our limited resources.

We need to turn our eyes away from ourselves and our inadequacies, failings, and weaknesses. We need to focus on God, who is sovereign and powerful to do all things – in us, through us, and for us:

In us … because we in our nature are fallen. But he, through his grace, fills us with his Spirit, changing us from the inside out.

Through us … because once he has made a change in us, he is able to work through us in ways that are far beyond what we would normally be able to do ourselves.

For us … because no matter what our circumstances are, he is king over all of them and can work all things for our good.

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