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Human Busyness vs. God's Business

“Why that rushing around? Don’t tell me it’s activity: It’s confusion!” – Jose Escriva

Our calendars, computers, and smartphones are bursting with meetings, tasks, jobs, programs, events … every minute is scheduled; every hour is full.

Perhaps it’s time to schedule in a few hours to do some serious evaluation:

  • How much of my schedule is about my BUSYNESS, and how much is about God’s BUSINESS?

  • How much stress am I experiencing on a daily basis? What is the source of that stress?

  • Do I make time for a Sabbath rest each week? Or do I keep on going 24/7?

  • Do I spend quality time with my family? That is, unrushed, uncluttered time when I am not multi-tasking?

  • How much time do I have for cultivating deep friendships?

  • Do I have the freedom for spontaneity in my schedule?

  • Do I have time for personal creativity and recreation?

  • How am I engaged in using my spiritual gifts to further God’s kingdom?

  • Am I focused on what is urgent, or on what is important?

  • Do I have trouble being still and silent because my thoughts are always whirling to the next thing on my list?

After careful reflection, ask yourself the following: Do I need to make changes in my life? If so, what are they and how will I go about making them?

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