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How Hungry Are You?

“Jesus said to them, ‘My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to accomplish His work.’” John 4:34

Think for a moment about what it feels like when you are hungry. Very hungry. The growling in your stomach, the shakiness in your limbs, the focusing of all your thoughts on getting food.

Jesus equated his need to do the will of God with his need for food. In essence, he said, “I can’t live apart from doing God’s will. If I don’t accomplish his purpose, I will die. I hunger for his will as if I were starving; my desire to do his will eclipses everything else in life.”

Is that our attitude? Is accomplishing God’s purpose our central focus in life? Would we rather die than wander away from him and his will for us?

Or is it possible that we could spiritually starve and die … and never even notice the fact? Could we go about our daily routines, never thinking about God, about eternity, about holiness, about saving the lost or advancing the kingdom?

Unfortunately, unlike our bodily hunger, we can deaden our spiritual hunger until the pangs no longer bother us. Fortunately, God can help quicken our hunger again when we turn to him!

  • As you consider Jesus’ words above, ask yourself, “How hungry am I for God’s will and purpose?”

  • What aspects of life can deaden your spiritual hunger? What do you need to do to address those areas?

  • We often think about God’s purpose “for our lives,” but that can be a bit too broad a scope. Think about your day today. What is God’s purpose in your life today? What would God like to see you accomplish in the next 24 hours?

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