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Good Deeds!

In Titus 3, we read that we should:

  • “be ready for every good deed” (v. 1)

  • “be careful to engage in good deeds” (v. 8)

  • “learn to engage in good deeds to meet pressing needs, so that they will not be unfruitful” (v. 14)

What does it take to be ready to engage in good deeds?

Awareness: Namely, looking beyond ourselves to the needs of others. Remember that needs aren’t always obvious – we should also be searching them out.

Preparedness: Good deeds always involve giving – of ourselves, our time, our money, our efforts, our energy. We should therefore prepare to engage in good deeds by keeping some time slots open for ministry (both regular and unexpected), by being careful not to be so overworked that we have nothing left of ourselves to give, and by setting aside material things or money to give away.

Willingness: We can be aware of needs and prepared for them and still be unwilling at heart to do them. We should therefore examine ourselves and, if necessary, pray that God would strengthen our resolve and deepen our love.

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