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God Will Bring You Through

"The Lord will accomplish what concerns me; Your lovingkindness, O Lord, is everlasting." - Psalm 138:8

Never feel ashamed if you find yourself doubting God or feeling hopeless. You are human. I am human. There is no shame in being human. Acknowledge your feelings, your doubts, your questions, your anger, your grief. Talk about them with others whom you trust. Talk about them with God. I assure you that you will come through the darkness into the light because GOD HIMSELF WILL BRING YOU THROUGH.

Do your best as you work through such dark times, and be at peace with whatever your best is. Sometimes it’s just surviving one more day, cracking the Bible to read one more verse, or whispering one more prayer of “Help me, God!” Have faith that God is shielding you, protecting you, leading you, guiding you, and GOD WILL BRING YOU THROUGH. Rest in that knowledge. Let yourself relax for a moment knowing that it is all about God, and he will take care of everything. He will take care of you.

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