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God Is My Rock

Through the creation, we learn to pay attention. We learn to be still. We learn about life. We also learn about God himself.

For instance, the Bible refers to God as our Rock. I admit that as I take my walk each day or visit nearby parks, I rarely see rocks that are larger than a few feet across. Most of the rocks I see are just stones by the creek. That, quite honestly, doesn’t tell me much about God.

But when I’ve traveled, I’ve stood on rocks that were huge and immovable. Sometimes it has been on a mountainside, where the entire cliff face is bare rock. Other times it has been in the middle of a hot desert, where sand and grit are blown everywhere by the wind. Or it has been at the seashore, where the waves crash against the base of the rocks.

When I stand on one of these huge rocks, I suddenly “get it.” I understand why God is referred to as our Rock. He is immovable. He is steady. Steadfast. Firm beneath our feet. He provides a place for us to stand amidst the storms of life. He is our protection from danger. He is the bedrock of our faith.

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