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God Is Calling Us

Imagine a man. A strong man and a rugged one. A man who was comfortable trekking through the wilderness, who wasn’t worried about what he would eat or where he would sleep.

A man who had the courage to stand up to people in power: people who had the authority – and the desire – to kill him.

A man who was willing to lay it all on the line to see goodness and truth prevail against apparently insurmountable odds.

A man who believed that even death was not an obstacle when God was involved.

A man who was on fire to see an entire nation freed from evil.

A man who never forgot that it was the individual who mattered most.

Israel needed such a man during a period of terrible evil and horrific idolatry – and God called Elijah.

We need such men and women today to stand up for the truth in a society rife with sin – and God is calling us.

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