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Getting into the Word

There are many ways to get down into the meat of the Bible. Some methods you’ll like more than others. Some you’ll find easier than others. All have something different to offer.

Here are a few to explore:

Use published study guides and commentaries. Study guides will often provide solid definitions, explanations, word studies, historical context, and cross-references to add insight into your reading of the Bible.

Take a topical approach. You can either use a published study guide or simply turn to a concordance in your Bible or online. For instance, you can look up all the verses with the word “grace” in them and write down all you find out about grace by seeing what all the various references say.

Use a meditative approach. Choose a passage of Scripture, read it carefully, and think on it prayerfully. Think about how this passage applies to you, what it teaches you, or how it expresses something you may have felt or may be feeling.

Explore a linguistic approach. If you love languages, dive into the original Greek or Hebrew and look at what picture images, historical insights, or connotations the original language had that may not come across in English. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can still use this approach simply by getting two or three different translations and comparing the same verse or verses in each of the translations to see different “views” or “takes” on how the original language was translated. For example, you could use a contemporary version such as the NIV for one translation, the NAS to study a translation that follows the original languages as closely as possible, and The Message for a looser paraphrase.

Whatever method or methods you use, let’s STUDY! 😊

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