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Forgiven, Free, and Alive!

Part of the power of sin is the power to deceive and the power to wear us down. Sin whispers to us, “You’re no good … you’ve fallen so many times before … you can’t win … why bother even trying? You’ll only fail again … God can’t love you … he won’t help you – he’s probably disgusted by you … you’re just a failure to him …” But in Romans 8:1-4 (, we find our answer to these lies:

* I am forgiven in Christ. (verse 1)

* I am free in Christ. (verse 2)

* I am alive in Christ. (verse 4)

These are three strong words … forgiven, free, alive. Whenever sin rears its ugly head and you feel condemned, state clearly, “I AM FORGIVEN IN CHRIST!” When sin tells you that you can’t be good, declare, “I AM FREE IN CHRIST!” When sin whispers that you are a failure, shout, “I AM ALIVE IN CHRIST!”

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