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Bread and Mirrors

Sometimes, I wonder that Jesus didn’t bang his head against the nearest brick wall.

Think about it. In Mark 6, Jesus feeds 5000+ with five loaves and two fish. Shortly thereafter, in Mark 8, there’s another large, hungry crowd of 4000+. Do the disciples say, “Hey, Lord, we’re ready! We’ve got seven loaves and a few fish: give the blessing and let’s have a feast!” No, they ask, “Where will anyone be able to find enough bread here in this desolate place to satisfy these people?”

But that’s not all. Almost immediately, later in the same chapter, Jesus and his disciples are in a boat. They have one loaf. Ready for this? They’re worried about having just one loaf for the thirteen of them in the boat.


Jesus fed 5000+, then 4000+. I think, if it were all that important, he could manage to feed a baker’s dozen from a loaf of bread.

Yep, I think Jesus rolled his eyes at that point.

Now, I can get all superior and say, “Wow, how clueless the disciples were! How could they not see Jesus’ power? How could they keep worrying even after seeing Jesus’ amazing provision?”

Then, I look in the mirror.

And I have to say, “Wow, how clueless I am! How can I not see Jesus’ power? How can I keep worrying even after seeing Jesus’ amazing provision?”

Because it’s true. I see Jesus give a big answer to a big problem. But the next time a big problem comes around, do I say, “Hey, Lord, I’m ready! Show your power!” Nope. I worry. I fret. I panic.

Not only that, but the next time a SMALL problem comes along (the equivalent of feeding thirteen people in a boat with a single loaf), I react the same way: I worry. I fret. I panic. Do I remember the big things the Lord has done – not just once, but time and again – and turn to him in faith? Nope.

And Jesus rolls his eyes (well, I don’t know that, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did!), and patiently asks the same question he asked the disciples in the boat (Mark 8:21): “Do you not yet understand?”

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