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Add It Up

I want to share a really important equation today … one you can use in your personal devotional time, in conversation with others, and in church Bible studies and small groups. Here it is:

Facts + Principles + Application = Spiritual Growth

Let’s use the story of Noah to see how it works:

What are the Facts?

To grasp the facts of the story, ask questions like:

  • Why did God send the flood?

  • How long did it rain?

  • Who was saved from the flood?

  • How many of each animal was brought on board the ark?

What are the Principles?

If you stop there, you can win Bible trivia games, but it’s not going to impact your (or anyone else’s) soul. You have to take the next step: identifying key principles. To do so, ask questions like:

  • How would you define and describe evil?

  • How would you define and describe righteousness?

  • How do God's justice and love interact in the story of the Flood?

What are the Applications?

Then you have to add application to bring the lesson home:

  • Where do you see evil at work today?

  • Where do you see righteousness at work today?

  • Do you believe that God is still in the business of judging evil? Where and how does he do so?

  • Do you really live with the perspective that God will again judge the whole world? Why or why not?

  • Where have you succumbed to sin and evil? What are you going to do about it?

  • What can you personally do to confront evil in your sphere of influence?

  • How would you respond if God asked you to do something as wild as he asked of Noah (the equivalent of building an ark when it had never rained)?

Let’s put it all together and make the Word of God come alive in our lives!

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