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5 Questions for Discernment

There are five questions that we can use to help us reason out whether something is good or evil. These apply to anything in life: thoughts, actions, ideas, relationships, decisions, emotional reactions, what we say, etc.

The questions are very “big.” They are designed to be fairly all-encompassing, so that we can use them in any situation. Of course, from these, other questions may suggest themselves to you to probe further into specific situations. These are meant to be a starting point. A short checklist we can use to get a rapid “feel” for what is going on. These five questions are:

1. What is the underlying principle?

2. What is the ultimate goal?

3. What are the ultimate consequences?

4. Who is ultimately being promoted?

5. What does this say about Jesus?

For more on these questions and how to apply them, download the Bible study “Good vs. Evil: The Discipline of Discernment” on this page:

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