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I Pray Not for the Quick

I Pray Not for the Quick

These words are from the following prayer:


Lord, I pray not for an emotional high, but for steadfastness of soul.


I pray not for happiness, but for joy.


I pray not for forgetfulness, but for the ability to forgive.


I pray not for the end of trials, but for grace in them.


I pray not for pleasure, but for purpose.


I pray not for the cessation of my loved one’s struggles, but for their growth through them.


I pray not for a roadmap of my life, but for a light for my path.


I pray not for visions and thunder, but for an ear to hear your still, small voice.


I pray not for the fire to be cooled, but for the crucible to purify.


I pray not for independence, but for brokenness of spirit.


In all these things, I pray not for the quick, nor for the shallow. I pray not for what I want, but for what I need. I will set my eyes beyond my own pain, beyond my own reason, beyond my own understanding, and seek you alone.


And in all these things, I humbly beg your grace, for you alone are the Author and Perfecter of my faith.





Image: Lotus Bud

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