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Why Do We Go to Church?

What if next Sunday morning at church:

... nobody comes up and greets you.

... the worship songs are – without exception – songs you don’t care for, in a style you don’t like.

... the corporate prayer is led by the one member of your congregation who is most prone to rambling, interminable prayers.

... the pastor preaches a sermon that has no relevance for where you are at right now.

... your needs go unmet.

If that happens:

... will you be offended at people’s lack of welcome, or will you take the initiative to ask how others are doing?

... will you wait impatiently and grumpily for the songs to end, or will you seek to worship in spirit and in truth, giving the songs your full heart and voice?

... will you allow your mind to wander through boredom, or will you make the effort to remain attentive and engaged in prayer to God?

... will you dismiss the sermon as irrelevant, or will you listen carefully to hear what the Spirit is speaking to your heart?

... will you feel resentful or succumb to self-pity at your unmet needs, or will you seek out other hurting people to show love with a listening ear or an act of service?

Perhaps it comes down to this:

Do we go to church to be served, or to serve God and the Body of Christ?

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