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Very, Very Good!

Just a short comment today: sometimes I hear people talk dreamily about how wonderful heaven will be, and how amazing it will be to see all that God has for us there. But all too often, those same people never stop to admire the flowers or pause to drink in a sunset.

You know, the creation we are living in is not God’s “factory second.” It’s not like God made this universe as a trial run. Genesis 1 doesn’t read, “And God said, ‘Oops! I’ll do better the next time around!’”

God said this creation was very, very good. Have you stopped lately to really see it?

Considered the beauties of the trees and flowers, the wonder of the night sky, the miracles of modern technology (remember, God made everything that makes your computer, iPhone, and iPod work!), the intricacies of the human body, the splendor of the sciences like mathematics or chemistry?

Will heaven be even better? Yes – because it will be without sin.

But the best way to prepare yourself to appreciate the new heaven and new earth is to fall in love with all he has given us – right here.

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