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I Will Grow!

I would like to share one of the life lessons I have learned through the creation. It is this: I WILL GROW!

This has become almost a joke as my sister and I travel on vacation. We see it everywhere – no matter how inhospitable a place might be, there is always something living and thriving there. Plants, animals, birds, and insects alike are not deterred by anything.

For example, plants, even trees, grow out of what appears to be bare rock. Where is the soil for them to grow? Where are the nutrients? Where is the water? Yet they are there. Digging down roots into the merest hint of dirt, capturing every drop of rainwater before it seeps away. Growing.

Or this picture – this is Salt Creek in Death Valley. The creek is more salty than seawater. By all rights, nothing should grow in it. But yet, there are rare pup fish who thrive in the water. Animals and lizards make their home near it. Even the plants manage. Salt kills most plants, but pickleweed pulls the salt into the tips of its branches so it won’t bother the rest of the plant. As they tips become saturated with salt, they turn pink and then fall off. The salt is therefore safely disposed of and the plant thrives.

As we see this time and time and time again, I have come to realize that I, too, can choose to grow, even if life hands me some very inhospitable circumstances. I can survive in barren times. I can live through periods of drought in my faith. Through grief. Through pain. I can decide to seek God. I can choose to pray for wisdom. I can submit to his will with joy. I can declare to the whole world, “I WILL GROW!”

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