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Keep Your Cache Growing!

During the fall and winter, I put out whole peanuts in the shell for my resident blue jays. I have been thoroughly enjoying watching their antics, listening to their raucous calls, and admiring their splendid wings as they fly in and take off again.

Given that a large scoop of peanuts disappears each morning in less than an hour courtesy of about half a dozen jays, I wondered exactly how much food the boisterous birds hide away for the winter. I was surprised to discover that each jay can cache a total of 3,000 acorns in a SINGLE MONTH!

Whew! That’s a lot of acorns! Or, for my feathered friends, a lot of peanuts!

I pondered all that food stored for the lean and cold winter months. And then I thought, we should be doing that with Bible verses. Each verse is like a peanut. We need to diligently and determinedly store away this power-packed food in our hearts and minds so that in tough times we can pull verses out and be nourished by them.

Let’s keep our cache growing!

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