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Here's What We Were

Reading through Romans 5:6-11 ( reveals a fascinating sequence. Paul first states that “we were helpless” (v. 6) when Christ died to save us. He then goes on to say that “we were sinners” (v. 8). Finally, he asserts that “we were enemies” (v. 10).

It’s as if Paul is upping the ante each time. It’s tough to admit that we’re helpless. It’s tougher still to admit that we’re sinners. And it’s downright ugly to admit that we were enemies – actively antagonistic – toward God while in our unredeemed condition.

So consider today: why is it important for us to grasp what we were in our “before Christ” days? How does it help us to understand what we are now in Christ?

(P.S. This photo is of the shed skin of a dragonfly nymph ... a favorite photo of mine that seemed appropriate to today's post!)

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