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Dinosaur Bones

When my sister and I visited Rialto Beach on the California coast, it was enshrouded in fog. You couldn't see more than thirty feed out into the water. At first, I was disappointed - I had hoped to see the magnificent sea stacks off the shore. But as we walked - and ever since then as I have looked at the pictures we took that day - I have been so thankful for the fog.

It created a strange atmosphere, where the huge deadwood trees took on the aspect of weathered dinosaur bones of immense proportions. A line of silver pines, stripped bare of their needles, stood guard at the edge of the forest. The rounded stones on the beach continued the theme in a grey minor key.

We returned to Rialto Beach on a sunny day, but, to be honest, I hardly remember that visit. It was the day of the fog and the grey and the bones that is unforgettable.

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