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A Creed for Daily Life

I believe that God is my Father

and I am His child.

I believe that I have right standing with God

because of what Jesus has done,

not because of anything I do.

I believe that Christ is with me,

whether or not I “feel” Him.

I believe that my worth is intrinsic

because I am created in the image of God,

and Jesus died and rose for me.

I believe that God is doing a good work

in and through me,

and that this day is part of it.

I believe that when I confess and repent,

I am completely forgiven.

I believe that the Holy Spirit will lead me through this day,

and will give me grace, strength, and wisdom

as I need it.

I believe that God will provide

for every need I have.

I believe that God holds me securely,

and that nothing can separate me from Him.

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